Fabricating and Modifying

Some of the parts now need to be rebuilt and reworked to ensure everything slots together correctly. The arms globes and other parts are drying after a final top coat and the hub should be ready soon for the same treatment.  

Trial Run

A chance to trial run everything before the sculpture is dismantled and finished before installation

Arms and Legs

The sculptures arms are being constructed this week along with new legs for the tripod and a centre section. Not the most attractive of constructions but heavy duty and once sanded, painted and stained things should start to look more presentable. The wood is suitable for outdoor use and size wise matches some of the … Continue reading

The Centre Section

While the globes are painted, sanded and aged, I’ve started work on the centre Hub. This has involved turning two wooden rings on a lathe which will form the top and underside sections. The rest will be fabricated over the next few days with the hope of attaching the arms later in the week.


I’ve sourced some very large perspex spheres for the globes. At present I have 4 ranging in 3 sizes. These have all been lightly spray painted before light coats of paint are applied. These will then be sanded, resprayed, enamelled and then finally given a coat of resin varnish. The process is quite labour intensive … Continue reading